Apple //e Web Server

powered by my 1983 first computer

About this project

This project aims to explain some of the aspects that are associated with the birth of my interests for computing.

I was 8 years old in 1983, learning BASIC was magical, thank you Dad !

For a start i would like to restore my first computer - I found our Apple 2e in the garage of my parents. As a developper, what can i do to preserve and share ? Just Googled "apple 2 internet", plugged the beast, and "Hello world! (again)".

Beyond this, it was a real pleasure to use old hardware with new software ... with the point of view of an adult, and now to teach my own children.

Feel free to share.

Computer archeology: How-to

This single page website is served by a 1983 Apple //e with a 8bits, 1Mhz CPU and 64KB RAM :)

World Wide Web did not even exists in 1983, but Apple // have extension slots, so an Uthernet card was added, and voila !

ADT pro can bootstrap an Apple with the audio port, then we can access the Floppy disc, format and download software.

Disk Drive needed to be cleaned, and old discs replaced by new 140KB 5"1/4.

Apple OS is ProDOS 2.4, 16-AUG-2016, released on the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the Apple II.

Contiki 3.0 web server need a 65C02 CPU, it was upgraded.

This page is only 5KB, use Ciderpress to manage the files. The drive holds 140KB ( OS + Web server + Html page )

An UPS was added to avoid unexpected power disruption.

@TODO: favicon & 404